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Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to invite you to get acquainted with the PRO CARPATHIA Association for Development and Promotion of Podkarpacie. Our Organization has been in operation since 2004. We implement our objectives by initiating various national and international projects. We are a well functioning Business Environment Institution and an organization that activates local entrepreneurs, local government and local communities. We are also active in research, publishing and business activities oriented towards the sector of enterprises, local government and social institutions.



The main target group of the "Pro Carpathia" Association in the strategy covers small and medium-sized enterprises, and the organization itself aspires to the status of a company offering business services.


The services provided by the organization have focused so far on investment advisory services, training and other educational events, HR services, research services and consulting and advisory services in the area of business start-up, business operation and transformation. When expanding the offer, the above-mentioned areas have been extended in order to orient the Association’s measures towards the business.

Main objective

The measures taken by the "Pro Carpathia" Association are aimed at increasing the availability of services to operators in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the following assumptions have been adopted for the strategic objective and operational objectives.

Strategic objective in the context of the implementing communication measures

Promotion of the services provided by the Pro Carpathia Association and dedicated to the SME sector, which are intended to contribute to the development of capital appreciation of companies of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and to provide incentives for the growth of the number of newly established businesses in the region

Operational objectives in the context of the implementing communication measures

Operational objectives (detailed objectives) – they define the most essential aspects for the implementation of the strategy and make it possible to determine the progress and effectiveness of individual strategic measures. Operational objectives in the context of communication strategy are therefore considered the following:

  • making it possible for entrepreneurs to gain access to verified and reliable information by introducing a new service – an e-learning platform;
  • dissemination of innovative solutions, best practices and know-how among the enterprises of the SME sector;
  • generating the need to use the provided services and the implement new solutions;
  • maximizing the range of promotional measures;
  • extending the group of entrepreneurs using the services provided by the Association;  
  • increasing the brand awareness in the environment.


By means of the implemented of individual measures and tasks, it will be possible to contribute to the achievement of project objectives, such as: generating favorable conditions for the development of Rzeszów as an attractive place for the operation of business, supporting local entrepreneurship, increasing the availability of useful information to SME enterprises, generating conditions conducive to the development of entrepreneurship and stimulating the SME sector through the access to high-quality services provided by Business Environment Institutions.



The Association has established a strong position on the market of business environment services for the past 10 years. The most important advantages of our organization include:

  • experience in implementing projects under national and international programs,
  • experience in implementing projects in partnership with NGOs, local government units, cultural institutions and other entities,
  • experience in implementing projects in cooperation with institutions from Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland,
  • six websites, which are updated on a regular basis and where information about ongoing initiatives is published systematically,
  • qualified and competent staff of the Association, which has wide and diverse education,  
  • cooperation and good relations with state and local government institutions and non-governmental organizations,
  • cooperation with "friendly" regional and nationwide websites, through which it is possible to distribute information,
  • prepared and ready for printing promotional materials,
  • Association’s seat, which is located in the center of Rzeszów,
  • availability of education and accommodation base,  
  • available products and services dedicated mainly to entrepreneurs from the SME sector,
  • a wide range of services in terms of territorial coverage and number of co-operating entities,
  • established position on the market of business environment services,
  • availability of funds for promotional measures.


The "Pro Carpathia" Association is the only organization in the region with such a wide range and scope of operation.


Investment Advice

The services offered by the Association in the area of investment advisory include:

  • services associated with the acquisition, management and settlement of projects subsidized by external funds,
  • services in the field of preparation and development of documents required by external entities, eg. commercial banks, loan funds in the procedure of applying for financial assistance,
  • grant services associated with co-financing of implementation of investment and promotion projects related to the organization of study visits (for entities to be established and the ones that develop their operations),
  • expert advice on the implementation of investment subsidized by external and private sources,
  • elaboration of marketing measures to promote a brand of individual entities from the SME sector and affiliated companies within industrial and technological parks or business incubators,
  • publication of information materials about the support that can be obtained by micro-, small and medium-sized companies from business environment institutions and information networks.

The services have been modified in terms of the process as determined by the improvement of the condition of infrastructure and operating conditions for companies in the new premises that will make it possible to provide such an offer with even a greater scope by means of multidisciplinary information technologies that extend their available substantive scope. Besides, by improving the access to modern infrastructure, the Association was able to modify the existing service with re-granting and advice for the entities that are already operating economic activities.


Organization of training and educational events  

The Association provides services such as:  

  • advice and training making it possible to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct business activity, award of funds for the development of entrepreneurship,
  • training in project management and sourcing external funding,  
  • courses in corporate accounting, IT courses and other vocational courses targeted at potential employees from the SME sector,
  • inspiring and conducting various forms of education – seminars, lectures and conferences.

The way of providing the above-mentioned services has been modified. Tools have been purchased that make it possible to convey the message in a way that is not only visually richer, but also more efficient. This way, the offered services gained a multidisciplinary dimension resulting from the application of new presentation methods supported by appropriate conceptual maps, images, graphics or programs that can be activated at any stage of training and edited freely by the participant and the trainer depending on their needs, as well as the consultation progress. Professional equipment and software for the organization of conferences makes it possible to improve the exchange of information among entities, consultation with experts, which significantly increases the efficiency and quality of the provided services.


Research services – Research and Marketing

The services provided by the research department include e.g.:  

  • marketing surveys and audits, i.e. analysis and evaluation of marketing activities of the analyzed entity from the point of view of their effectiveness and organizational efficiency,
  • analysis of the competition aimed at detailed examination of the strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise and hence determination of its competitiveness, as well as the identification of the most competitive external entities,
  • brand perception and market position studies, whose effect is to determine the actual market position of an entity and the perception of the brand by customers,
  • studies on the effectiveness of information and advertising media making it possible to define the legitimacy of the use of given promotion tools, their visibility and the actual impact on recipients and to determine the optimal media for a particular enterprise,
  • studies on the needs of customers and supply trends, aimed at identifying, on the basis of a diagnosis of consumer needs, such areas of the market that, at a given time, can bring the greatest benefit to entrepreneurs,
  • positioning of products – a number of communication and promotion measures that will position the product on the market so as to reach a specific target group as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Research services are provided by way of direct contacts, in each case starting with the identification of the customer’s research problem and formulation of hypotheses. At the next stage, a research plan is developed, methods and entities collecting the information are chosen, data are recorded and processed, and the results are analysed and interpreted. The project ends with the development of a research report and instructions for the client on how to use its results in business operations.


HR services and solutions

Human resources are the main value of an enterprise. It is the appropriately qualified staff that largely determines and affects the market position, growth opportunities and market perspective of an entity, and commitment is an undisputed success factor in building competitive advantage. Therefore, the Association supports companies from the SME sector in the use and implementation of the most effective ways to build human resource.

The offer of services provided in the field of HR support to SMEs will be aimed mainly at enterprises that do not have their own separate HR structures to deal with the recruitment process and evaluation and employee incentive systems. Such a trend can be observed in particular in small and medium-sized enterprises with domestic capital. The following measures are taken in the area of HR services:

  • recruitment and selection of employees,  
  • system of employee evaluations and audits,  
  • employee satisfaction surveys and development of incentive systems and paths of personal development.

All of the above-mentioned services are provided in a direct way. After acceptance of an order, the client's needs are identified in detail in the first place (direct interview), and processes based on the developed techniques and aiming at finalizing a service are implemented. The implementation stage is conducted independently using own resources or in the presence of advisors depending on the complexity of the commissioned service.

Besides, mainly processes of recruitment, training and building of suitable incentive systems are implemented in manufacturing companies. On the other hand, what is important in companies based on knowledge, apart from the search for suitable employees, are certainly the elements of strategic management based on building and implementing competency models, as well as diagnosis and assessment of competences and comprehensive projects related to the development of the employees’ potential.

Therefore, the offer is oriented towards all entities from the SME sector in the voivodeship without any territorial and industry restrictions.


e-learning Platform

The offer of e-learning services is aimed at strengthening the development potential of the SME sector as the main driving force behind the development of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

This will be made available by the e-learning service, which provides free-of-charge training for the SME sector. A specialist information base on the platform is based on book publications on management, marketing and entrepreneurship and on the knowledge and experience of employees of the Association. The service covers the access to educational materials and content in the form of "distance learning" with an opportunity to verify the level of acquired knowledge by means of competence tests and practical exercises in a wide range.

The service has a broad and positive impact on the development and creation of the SME sector and promotion of entrepreneurial attitudes. In consequence, the availability of business environment tools and services for enterprises provided by the Association is increased among other things within the entire territory of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.


Consulting and advisory (information) point

At a consulting and advisory point (the headquarters of the "Pro Carpathia" Association), one can directly consult with professionals and obtain detailed information about the available forms of support and business development opportunities.

 Social institutions – offer

The Association actively supports institutions oriented towards social activities and training, such as for example NGOs, labor market institutions, local government and enterprises aimed at a general increase in the level of employment and development of human resources. Our services in this category include the development of a project for the Human Capital Operational Programme and other aid programs of a social nature, as well as comprehensive support in the course of its implementation.

The range of services provided to social institutions:

  • Advice on the choice of a program suitable for a particular group of beneficiaries at the national or international level,
  • Development of a detailed project concept with a projection of the budget and project schedule,
  • Support during the search for partners,
  • Preparation of the application,
  • Accounting of expenditure for the project under implementation,
  • Implementation of training and advisory modules as part of the projects under implementation.

 The offer for farmers

The offer for farmers includes comprehensive implementation of investment projects within rural areas, including assistance in completing all formalities associated with the acquisition and accounting of funds from the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. We specialize in particular in the area of obtaining aid for young farmers, farm modernization, differentiation towards non-agricultural activities and the establishment and development of micro-enterprises.

Catalogue of services:

  • Assistance in choosing the most appropriate source of co-financing;
  • Analysis of the applicant’s potential;
  • Creation of a concept and feasibility study;
  • Comprehensive completion of tender documentation including attachments;
  • Constant monitoring of the submitted application;
  • Settlement of the obtained grant.


The offer for local government units

As regards the subsidies to local government units and other public sector entities, we offer you comprehensive consulting support, ranging from advice on funding sources to obtaining external support for the needs of public investment projects. Besides, on the basis of many years of experience of the PRO CARPATHIA Association in support to local administration units, we offer you cooperation in drafting or updating the strategic and promotional documents.

Catalogue of services provided to local government units:

  • Professional advisory assistance regarding the opportunities to obtain co-financing from external resources;
  • Feasibility studies, cost and benefit analyses and application forms for infrastructure projects;
  • Accounting and managing public investment projects;
  • Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of infrastructure projects;
  • Studies and reports on the socio-economic condition of regions;
  • Strategic documents, for example: Local Revitalization Programmes Local Development Plans, City Regeneration, Development Strategies, etc.;
  • Strategies for the promotion of regions; territorial marketing, visual identification system, promotional materials, etc.

The measures and initiatives to be taken by the Association in the 2014-2020 perspective include the measures associated with the promotion and offering of services for the SME sector and new initiatives that are still at the planning stage: Establishment of the Research and Development Center of Traditional and Ecological Food Products

The Podkarpackie Voivodeship has to cope with the underdeveloped aspects of the economy such as:  

  • low intensity of cooperation between research institutions and the enterprises, which can be seen in the low number of joint innovative projects,  
  • low activity in the field of research and development of university research centers,
  • low efficiency of the use of the R&D potential and infrastructure of universities,
  • poor effects of commercialization of research,
  • number of patent submitted applications much lower than the national average, or
  • insufficiently developed cooperation of business support institutions (BSIs) with universities.

In order to make it possible to take measures aimed at overcoming the above-mentioned problems of the economy of the Podkarpacie Voivodeship, a project has been developed to establish the Research and Development Center of Traditional and Ecological Food Products. The Center will be established in partnership between the University of Rzeszów, which will act as the Leader, and the "Podkarpackie Smaki" Cluster represented by the "Pro Carpathia" Association for Development and Promotion of Podkarpacie, which acts as an animator and coordinator of the Cluster.

The main beneficiaries of the research projects will be the members of the "Podkarpackie Smaki" Cluster, which include e.g. the manufacturers of food produced based on two fundamental assumptions: preserving taste traditions and assuring its quality. The detailed scope of the research conducted as part the Centre's work will be developed on the basis of consultation with Cluster actors, scientists and entrepreneurs. Research and development services provided by the Center will also be available for the entities that are potentially interested in joining the Cluster and meet the requirement for compliance with the substantive scope of its operation. The project’s impact will be regional and will cover the area of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

The project implementation will make it possible to use in particular the elements such as modern research facilities at the University of Rzeszów adapted to research in the field of the agri-food sector, the organic farming currently under development and specialized agricultural production lines such as winery, beekeeping and traditional and regional products, thematic clusters and the cooperation between the individual actors developed on the basis of thereof.

The Research and Development Center will be the embodiment of the idea of a knowledge-based economy. Starting from the field of research at the laboratory level, the researchers will develop, test and patent solutions and tools that afterwards will be implemented at the level of the economy, developing and improving the production.

The main object of interest for the Center will be the traditional, regional and organic product, which can be found in the offer of members of the "Podkarpackie Smaki" Cluster. The Center’s detailed tasks to be implemented and developed on the basis of the needs of enterprises of the agro-food industry, processors and food manufacturers, include primarily:  

  • development of new product formulas that meet the traditional, regional and foremost organic criteria,
  • qualitative assessment of products and all ingredients used in their production,
  • physico-chemical, organoleptic, microbiological research,
  • development of food production technologies that will reduce the incidence of lifestyle diseases including: cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes or anemia,
  • market research and analysis, development of promotion strategies for new traditional, regional and organic products placed on the market.

The expected effect of the operation of the Research and Development Center will be increased competitiveness of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship’s economy and generation of conditions for economic development and increase in the socio-economic potential of the region. The main element increasing the competitiveness of the region will involve enriching the market offer of the Podkarpacie food industry in terms of the offered traditional, regional and organic products. Development of innovations and advances in technology, achieved with the increasing cooperation between research centers and entrepreneurs, will result in increased attractiveness of Podkarpacie. Intensified measures in this area will also result in the creation of highly paid jobs and the use of highly qualified human resources in the region.


The main communication and promotion role is performed by websites run by the "Pro Carpathia" Association. The organization currently has six websites, which are updated on a regular basis and where information about ongoing initiatives is published systematically, and profiles on social networks listed next to the websites. The organization publishes news about the projects under implementation mainly via Facebook. The news make it possible to conduct a dialogue with customers almost in real time.

Our websites and social network profiles:

  • www.procarpathia.pl
  • https://www.facebook.com/ProCarpathia
    • www.e-procarpathia.pl


  • www.karpaty.turystyka.pl
  • https://www.facebook.com/karpatyturystyka
    • www.podkarpackiesmaki.pl
    • https://www.facebook.com/podkarpackie.smaki
    • https://www.facebook.com/zielonepodkarpacie
  • www.zielonepodkarpacie.pl
  • www.skarbypodkarpackie.pl



Thanks to the websites, a recipient can get acquainted with the scope of operation, the organization's objectives, its profile, competences, current offers and projects under implementation or completed ones. The organization has also published a list of its partners and current customers via these websites.




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